Taking the Stress out of Stress - Solutions and tips for managers and businesses

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Our working environment is becoming ever more complex. The pace of working life is increasing and processes becoming more convoluted. Mobiles and laptops offer new freedom but make it more difficult literally to switch off and to establish a clear boundary between private life and our job. This has repercussions for our well-being. For a long time now, the risk of suffering a work-related mental illness has not just been a problem for managers. More than 59 million days of sick leave every year in Germany can be attributed to mental problems and illnesses and this is a growing trend.

The good news is that the trend is not irreversible if everyone takes action. Taboos must be broken and awareness of the issue must be raised. To that end, under the New Quality of Work Initiative (INQA), the Mental Health in the World of Work (psyGA) project has developed various booklets for companies, managers and employees. Under the title "Taking the stress out of stress" they give a practical overview of key aspects of psychological stress and areas for action for companies and offer specific suggestions and tips for dealing with stress.

This guide is the latest addition to this range and is aimed at managers. The company management has a significant influence on the extent and quality of psychosocial pressures, demands and resources, both in terms of operational targets and framework conditions and with regard to the day-to-day management practice of line managers. Take the time to read how you can use the guide in your everyday working life. We hope that it gives you many new ideas and insights.

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