Securing the Future with Prevention - Strategies for a World of Work aligned to Demographic Change

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Demographic change is no longer a future scenario – it is here already. Industry, the state and society are now beginning to face the challenges of an ageing population. If all those concerned really make the necessary effort, it is possible to tackle most of the issues and problems involved. The questions in particular, that were raised at the start of the new millennium concerning the ability of German companies to remain competitive in the global market with so many older workers, have been met with a positive response. Many companies have already made significant progress in dealing with demographic issues. Nevertheless there are also many still investing too little in their future sustainability. The challenge for the New Quality of Work Initiative in the coming years will be to change this and to encourage even more companies and organisations to face up to these issues with concrete action.

This memorandum launches the second phase. It picks up the threads of the first memorandum and takes them a step further. In the activities of the Initiative related to demography, age(ing)-related work design, workplace health promotion and lifelong learning, will continue to play a key role. However, in future they should be more closely integrated in a more comprehensive prevention strategy. A long term perspective should be built into the strategy, taking the entire career of an employee into consideration in terms of health and employability. The required outcome is an individual career scheme where the respective work requirements, incentives and strains are organised in a way which can enable an employee to remain at work and reach the statutory retirement age in good health. A healthy life in old age is then possible. Adopting this model, developing and implementing practicable solutions in companies, are undoubtedly ambitious objectives. But looking back at the successful activities in recent years, they are achievable.

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